How to be a GOOD and REAL friend and know when your being a bad friend

Today i’m going to blog on signs and how to be a good and real friend and how to tell if your being a bad friend. 18 things to do to be a good friend are when you sense that something is wrong that moment you need to make sure there okay, know when to be goofy and serious, go the extra mile when your friend needs help, when there down and depressed don’t give up on them, make them feel wanted, at least once tell them “I always have your back” and you need to mean it, you need to understand and respect there boundaries, you need to be honest with them, make them feel welcome and introduce them to other people, if there uncomfortable with a subject don’t bring them up, if there is a gap in a conversation be okay with it, keep your promises, learn how to apologize to them if need be, show them your happy for them, show small gestures, make time for them and start saying yes more often, and lastly keep in touch and don’t drift apart. Now we get to 8 signs on how your being a bad friend. You project your own negative qualities on them, you criticize or blame them for everything, when you need something from them you only spend time with them, you leave them to handle all the responsibility, you never think how they feel at all, you want to “one-up” them all the time, you don’t listen to what they say you ignore them, lastly you never stick to your word/keep your promises. That’s all for today thanks. how-to-choose-the-right-friends-7-638


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